Maximize Capabilities with GMC and Chevy Towing Equipment

2019 Chevy Silverado Towing - Terry, MS

Maximize your towing and hauling capabilities with a variety of GMC and Chevy towing equipment. For example, you can pick from brake controllers, hitches, and fifth-wheel hitches. Added accessories like a small trailer or a camper ensures you that there is something for everyone.

You can find a long list of equipment on the GM website, including OEM parts. One of the most common for trailering is a hitch. Opting for something durable is ideal, as well as another accessory that allows the trailer to move around a little. Aside from OEM brands, consider CURT, Go Rhino®, and Trimax™. CURT is one of the top brands in the market, and you can find varieties like Double Lock hitches.

Brake controllers are a must, especially if you have a large trailer. You don’t want the brakes to lock up. For a top-of-the-line brake tuner device, which allows you to tweak the minute details of the braking system, consider a Gale Banks device. However, Tekonsha® utilizes a brake controller that is practical and much more affordable.

For those looking to tow large loads, grab a fifth wheel. CURT and B&W are two of the biggest third-party companies, though we always recommend using OEM parts for the finest quality. CURT offers a specific A25 Fifth Wheel Hitch with a GM Puck System that will fit in most Chevy or GMC trucks.

For any aftermarket add-ons, request the best at Skinners Chevrolet.

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