Christmas In Terry, Mississippi

Christmas In Terry, MS

The holiday season is upon us at last. If you are looking for a way to get into the Christmas spirit, consider one of these holiday events around Terry, Mississippi:

  • A weekend in Jackson: Head north to Jackson, Mississippi, for the first full weekend of December. On Friday, December 6th, you will want to catch the Christmas tree lighting at Jackson City Hall in downtown Jackson from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Then, the next day, head back downtown from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. for the 2019 City of Jackson Parade.
  • Christmas at the Governor’s Mansion: Looking for something else to do while you’re in Jackson? Head to the Governor’s Mansion to get in the holiday spirit. From December 1st through 18th, the mansion is decorated for Christmas and offers guided tours Tuesday through Friday from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.
  • Town of Terry Winter Nights & Magical Lights Christmas Parade: You don’t have to leave Terry to celebrate the holidays. On December 2nd, our own hometown will hold the annual Christmas Parade along the I-55 frontage, down Cunningham Street, along Old Highway 51, through Beasley Street, and ending at Terry High School.
  • Clarkco State Park: What better way to spend the holidays than cozying up with the ones you love at a cabin in the woods? Rent yours in Clarkco State Park before they’re all booked!

Everybody at Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday season. If your vehicle needs any attention before you head out to one or more of these delightful events, stop by our service department and let us get your ride road-ready.

How To Gift A Vehicle This Holiday Season

Holiday bulbs - Terry, MS

If you are considering going big this holiday season by buying a loved one a new car, preparation is absolutely vital. Trust us; we’ve been part of quite a few surprises at Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC, so trust that we know what we’re talking about with these tips for buying a car as a Holiday gift.

  • Tell us it’s a surprise: Make sure you tell your salesperson that the vehicle purchase is a surprise for someone else. That way, we know not to call your home or send you mailers following up on your recent vehicle purchase until we are sure the car has been gifted.
  • Order way in advance: If there is a specific model in a specific color with specific features that you want, it’s possible you will need to order the vehicle, which can take several weeks. Don’t wait until the last minute, especially since the volume of cars being ordered tends to increase during the holidays. Order the vehicle early enough to ensure it’s ready by the date you intend to give your loved one their new ride.
  • Get it right: Vehicles are among the biggest, most expensive purchases you can make. Don’t mess up by buying your spouse or child the wrong vehicle. Make sure you know which model they want, in which color, with which features.
  • Consider the recipient: Not everyone likes surprises — at least not surprises this big. If you share finances with the recipient, they might not like being left in the dark about such a big financial decision. Think about your loved one, and only proceed with the surprise if you’re sure they’ll be okay with it.

As long as you take these tips into consideration, you’ll be set to give your loved one the gift of a lifetime. If you want some help arranging everything in advance, stop by Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC and let us help you make sure everything goes off without a hitch — unless you’re looking at a new pickup, in which case we can make sure you only get the type of hitch you’re looking for.

How To Save Money For A New Car

New Car Savings - Terry, MS

Buying a new car, truck, or SUV can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be stressful if you are working with a tight budget. Here are a few money-saving tips to help you out when buying a new car:

  • Pay cash: If you are able to pay in cash and avoid financing altogether, you should do so. That will remove all interest you would end up paying over the life of the loan, and it means you won’t have monthly payments. If a brand new car is out of your price range when it comes to paying cash upfront, consider some of our other tips.
  • Improve your credit score: Don’t buy if your credit score is in poor shape. Spend a half a year to a year improving it by lowering your credit utilization, diversifying your credit portfolio, and paying all bills on time, if not early. If you are still struggling with a poor credit score, ask a trusted family member to be a cosigner to reduce your interest rate.
  • Wait for a sale: Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC runs multiple sales throughout the year. Follow us on social media to see when we are having huge sales on various models.
  • Pick the base trim: Features like leather seats, a premium sound system, and an upgraded infotainment system are nice, but if they are making the cost of a vehicle too prohibitive, consider going with the more affordable base model of the car you’re looking at.
  • Choose an economy model: The Chevrolet Buick GMC lineup offers a number of economical options, which are more budget-friendly than large SUVs and pickup trucks. Consider one of these models if you are worried about high monthly payments.
  • Consider CPO: Certified pre-owned cars aren’t technically new, so they are priced more affordably, yet they come with many new car perks.
  • Talk with the dealership: Many dealerships, including Skinners, can offer you advantageous rates if you finance your vehicle directly through them. You can take advantage of special offers, and we will help you find a quality vehicle even if your credit score is less than ideal.

The process of buying a vehicle should be simple, fun, and worry-free. All of us here at Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC want to give you that experience, so when you’re ready for your next car, stop by and let us help you with whatever you need, every step of the way.

Routine Maintenance Reminders

Routine Maintenance | Terry, MS

Routine maintenance is the key to keeping your Chevy, Buick, or GMC vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Keep up with this maintenance by following along with your owner’s manual and scheduling an appointment with us roughly every 5,000 miles. Here are some of the general maintenance milestones to consider:

  • Every 5,000 miles: At each 5,000-mile interval, you should get an oil change and tire rotation, as well as have fluids topped off.
  • Every 15,000 to 30,000 miles: Between these significant markers, it’s important to replace your air filter (15,000 miles), check the battery (20,000 miles), and replace the power steering fluid (30,000 miles). A technician should also inspect the HVAC system, brake pads, and more.
  • Every 35,000 to 50,000 miles: It’s likely you’ll need to replace your battery every 35,000 miles, which is typically every three years for the average driver. At 40,000 miles, you should replace your vehicle’s spark plugs. At 45,000 and 50,000 miles, have a technician check the suspension and ignition system.
  • Every 60,000 miles: This major milestone requires a technician’s detailed inspection of important components like the engine, tires, and HVAC. You should also have the technician replace radiator hoses, power steering fluid, the timing belt, coolant, brake pads, and brake fluid.

As long as you take care of your vehicle, it will continue to take care of you. If you’re due for any of the maintenance we mentioned above, or if you’re not sure what you need, set up a service appointment with Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC we’ll get your vehicle into tip-top shape in no time.

2020 GMC Truck Updates

2020 GMC Truck - Terry, MS

In just a few short months, the 2020 calendar year will be here. Meanwhile, 2020 model year GMC trucks are already rolling out with some exciting new features. The 2020 GMC truck updates add new technology, engines, and designs. Here is what you can expect to see from the new lineup.

2020 GMC Canyon

The mid-size 2020 GMC Canyon adds a new standard Tire Fill Alert that will make it easier to reinflate your tires. When the tires reach the correct pressure, the truck will honk its horn and flash its lights. The Canyon will also be available with a remote locking tailgate.

2020 GMC Sierra 1500

For the 2020 model year, the GMC Sierra 1500 gets a sixth powertrain option: a Duramax 3.0-liter turbo-diesel engine. GMC also expanded the availability of the carbon fiber bed and ten-speed automatic transmission. You can add the available ProGrade Trailering System that includes up to 15 available camera views.

2020 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty

The 2020 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty sports a complete redesign this year. It boasts a class-leading towing capability of up to 35,500 pounds. It’s available with a 15-inch heads-up display, a Rear Camera Mirror, and smart trailer integration.

For the 2020 model year, GMC is raising the bar for what you can expect from modern trucks yet again. If you want to get behind the wheel of any of these exciting new pickups, stop by Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC for a test drive and see which 2020 GMC truck is right for you.

Best Haunted Places in Mississippi

Haunted - Terry, MS

October is the spookiest time of the year, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate the fall with some scary fun. While you can always go to an attraction-style haunted house for some quick thrills, there are plenty of haunted places in Mississippi where you can experience some genuine shivers.

King’s Tavern

Head to Natchez and visit the oldest building in the city, called King’s Tavern. The tavern and inn are still in operation, and many guests have reported hearing a baby cry or seeing ghostly images in mirrors.

McRaven House

Your next haunted location is in Vicksburg at a place known as Mississippi’s Most Haunted House. It served as a field hospital and campsite for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. At least five people have died the home, while the remains of 11 more are buried on site.

Mont Helena

The next stop on your haunted adventure is in Rolling Fork. The colonial home, Mont Helena, was built in 1896 and sit on a ceremonial Native American mound. Many people have reported seeing a woman dressed in a white gown looking out of the windows.

Rowan Oak

Whether you love literature or just want a good scare, the home of writer William Faulkner is a popular tourist location in Oxford. People say Faulkner is still in the home and can be seen writing in his office.

Here at Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC, we want you to enjoy your ghost-filled adventures in safety. If your car is due for any maintenance, make sure to set up an appointment with our service department before you set out on your spooky quest.

Mid-Engine Corvette Debuts

2020 Corvette - Terry, MS

For the first time ever, Chevrolet is producing a mid-engine Corvette. Chevy’s iconic sports car continues to blaze trails as it enters its eighth generation with an innovative, all-new design that promises to deliver a driving experience like no other.

Under the hood, the 2020 Corvette comes with a 6.2-liter V8 engine rated at 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. It comes standard with a dual-clutch transmission that promises gear-shifting to rival the smoothness of a manual. With this combination, the Corvette boasts a top speed of nearly 200 mph.

To get even more power, you can add the available Z51 Performance Package. It comes with Magnetic Ride Control 4.0: a system that continually reads the road and makes performance-enhancing adjustments in as little as 10-15 milliseconds. It also comes with summer performance tires, large brakes, a performance exhaust, and a front splitter.

With the Driver Mode Selector, you can adjust your Corvette to match the road conditions with up to 12 specific variables. In keeping with Chevrolet’s tech-friendly ideology, you can save personalized profiles through the My Mode and Z-Mode programs.

The Corvette Stingray’s cabin is fully driver-focused to give you an immersive, exhilarating driving experience. Choose from a variety of sporty seats and trim details to keep you comfortable as you and your Corvette own the road.

The Chevrolet Corvette has been a sports car staple since its inception, and the all-new mid-engine Stingray promises to take that legacy to a whole new level. If you’re as excited as we are to experience the 2020 Corvette Stingray, we can’t wait to see you here at Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC when the game-changer hits the road later this year.

Best Uses for Your Silverado 1500 in the Fall

Silverado 1500 Fall - Terry, MS

While summer is a great time to use your Silverado 1500 to take the boat to the lake or haul some wood for your next DIY project, fall offers plenty of opportunities for you to use your pickup to its fullest.

Join a Parade

Second only to convertibles, trucks are the most popular vehicle for parades. While a convertible can carry around the grand marshal, only a pickup can support a parade float or host an entire club or organization. If your child’s school has a homecoming parade, volunteer your truck.

Have a Tailgate Party

Tailgate parties are at their best in the fall, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re named after one of your truck’s most distinctive features. If there is a sports team you love and support, host your own party. Pickups are ideal for tailgating thanks to their easily loaded and accessed beds. The 2019 Silverado will take your tailgate party to the next level with its class-leading cargo room and 12 standard tie-downs.

Go Camping

Camping in the fall is cool and comfortable, except when it comes to finding a patch of ground that doesn’t feel like a budding mountain range. Equip your Silverado with a tent that attaches to the bed, and you will never wake up with a rock in your back again.

The end of summer doesn’t need to mean the end of outdoor fun with your Silverado 1500. Between public gatherings, sporting events, and outdoor excursions, there’s no better time to make full use of your pickup’s versatility. If you’re looking for any certified accessories or need routine maintenance, head over to Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC and prepare your truck for a season of fun.

GMC CarbonPro Bed Is Rugged and Versatile

CarbonPro - Terry, MS

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest and lightest materials used in automotive manufacturing. This makes it the perfect material to use in a pickup truck’s bed. GMC is the first automaker to incorporate carbon fiber as a truck bed material on a large scale by creating the CarbonPro bed.

The GMC CarbonPro bed is available on both the Sierra 1500 AT4 and Denali models. It weighs about 25 percent less than a traditional steel bed, which reduces its overall weight by about 60 pounds. This bumps up the payload ratings of CarbonPro-enhanced pickups. And, since carbon fiber is thinner than steel, and easier to form, it also increases cargo volume by 1 cubic foot.

“CarbonPro is made of the same raw material found in seven-figure super cars and even aerospace applications,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president, Global GMC. “Coupled with offering the world’s first six-function MultiPro tailgate, the 2019 Sierra packs a one-two hauling punch for whatever the situation demands.”

In addition to its increased cargo volume, the CarbonPro beds also come with special indentations for supporting the tires of dirt and street bikes. These, along with the two additional tie-down locations at the front of the bed, can help keep bikes more secure.

Anyone looking to get in on the cutting edge of truck bed enhancements should visit Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC to see the goods for themselves.

Check Out the Great Capabilities of the 2019 Equinox

2019 Equinox - Terry, MS

If you are shopping for a new family SUV, we have a great recommendation: the 2019 Chevrolet Equinox. This vehicle may seem small from the outside, but hop behind the wheel and you will discover how versatile it really is.  

For starters, the Equinox is available in three engine options, including a 1.5-liter turbo, a 2.0-liter turbo and a 1.6-liter diesel. With these options, you can choose whether you want more power (up to 252 horsepower) or more efficiency (up to 39 mpg on the highway*). When properly equipped, the Equinox can even tow up to 3,500 pounds.

Inside, the Equinox comes with comfortable, spacious seating for up to five passengers. Behind the second row, it sports 29.9 cubic feet of cargo space. Fold down the back seats and space grows to 63.9 cubic feet. This should be plenty of room to haul all the equipment for your next DIY project.

The Equinox also keeps you connected and in control. It comes with a long list of standard tech features like Teen Driver, OnStar® with 4G LTE Wi-Fi®, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, and a 7-inch touch-screen infotainment display.

If you want to get to know the 2019 Chevrolet Equinox a little better, head over to Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC and take one out for a spin.


*EPA mileage estimate. Actual mileage may vary.